TAXI & EXCHANGE - Watch out !

TAXI & EXCHANGE - Watch out !

Do you know that feeling, when you arrive in a new city and don’t have a clue, how to get to the hostel?

The easiest way is to take a taxi right? But be cautious, this can get kind off tricky really fast. Prague is a beautiful city, but it has its issues. One of them are definitely taxi cars. Most of the taxi drivers are honest, but a small part of them will try to get your money by overpricing the ride.
Beware of taking taxi cars, which waits in tourist locations (Old Town square etc.), next to night clubs and bars. If you catch a taxi on the street, the maximum price is 28 CZK/km. My tip is to use taxi applications. Our staff will be able to provide advice.

Do you want to change your normal money for some weird looking monopoly money? Our funny looking money is called Koruny (Crowns). In a lot of places, you can pay with Euro, but you usually don’t get a good rate.

Two very important tips for changing money.

  1. Never exchange your money with strangers in the streets.
    If you wish to exchange your money to the Czech currency (Koruna; CZK), go to the official exchange office.
    Of course, in many places, you can pay with Euro, but it has to be agreed in advance (and you usually don’t get a good rate).
  2. A lot of exchange offices have extremely bad rates, including the ones that are at Prague Airport. Always check and take the receipt! The rate is 1 €=26 CZK –; so don’t let yourself end up with half. Our staff can advise you on a decent exchange office near our hostel. If you have the receipt, you can have a refund up till 3 hours after the transaction was made.

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