Protection of privacy and information on the processing of personal data.

Dear guests,

The protection of your privacy and personal data is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, please pay attention to this document, where you will find all the necessary information regarding your personal data that is processed in our accounting facility!

Your host, and thus the person responsible for processing your data is FKH s.r.o., Kaprova 14, 11000  Praha, 03828395, CZ03828395 (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”)


We process the personal data in order to provide you accommodation services – i.e. for concluding a direct contract. For this we need your name, surname, place of residence and at least some contact information such as a telephone number or email address. If you have made a prior reservation with us, we have to process the information on the reservation of the accommodation (including the identification of the portal from which the reservation was received) as well as information regarding whether you were satisfied with everything and if we have properly fulfilled our obligations. Thus this is the fulfilment of our contractual obligations.

We also keep the data after the end of the accommodation so that we can react to any complaints from your side or to resolve any other issues concerning your stay. Thus we process it for the protection of our justified interests.

We also have legal obligations where we have to process your personal data. If you are foreign nationals, we have to fulfil the obligation pursuant to the Act on Foreign Nationals and keep a logbook, in which we have to provide information in the scope of name, surname, date of birth, state citizenship, permanent residence abroad, number of passport and visa, if it is indicated in the passport, the beginning and place of the stay, the expected duration and purpose of the stay in the Czech Republic, the beginning and the end of the accommodation.

We are also obliged to pay the local fee and so we also have to keep further records here. Thus we need to process: the duration of the accommodation, the purpose for the stay, name, surname, address of permanent residence abroad and the identification card or passport number.

If we issue you an invoice (or other accounting document), this has all the legal requisites (incl. the identification of you, as the guest, the character of our services and other relevant information), without which the document cannot be issued.

We also have to process your information for the purposes of the obligations according to accounting and tax regulations. 

Since you are our clients, from time to time we will send you information and news about our products and services. If you do not want to receive these messages, you have the opportunity to cancel them at any time. The method will always be given in each such message. This, too, is a case of our justified interest.

We also operate surveillance cameras in our space in order to ensure the safety of our guests and their property. The camera supervision is indicated by a pictogram and a warning sign with text. The purpose is to protect our property and the safety of our guests.


We get personal data exclusively from you, with the exception of the camera systems which film anybody. We do not find any other data about you, except for that which you yourself give us. You are obliged to provide only precise data and if your personal data changes, you have to update the data.

To process your personal data we use the Siesta Extranet system, which is a reservation system operated by Siesta Solution s.r.o., Company ID No. (IČO): 05203503, which uses the Azure hosting service from Microsoft Ireland Operations, Ltd., Carmenhall Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, Ireland. Siesta Solution s.r.o. also uses third parties for processing in the form of natural persons – consultants for the processing of personal data and natural persons for the IT system administration.

For the purpose of billing our services we use the system from Redbit s.r.o., Antonína Dvořáka 612, 280 02 Kolín II, Company ID No. (IČ): 24197190 – as the operator of the system for the issuing of invoices, which is connected with the Product.

Personal data gathered through contact form are being used within the scope of e-mail database FKH s.r.o. only.

We also submit the personal data to the relevant local authority (according to the Act on Local Fees), the foreign police, revenue authority and other organs of state control, as required.

We also submit the personal data to persons who ensure the operation of the reception and the administration of your reservations, along with whom the provider of IT consulting services, which ensures the safety of your data, also has access.

The personal data is not submitted outside of the EU.


The User’s personal data is processed in electronic form by automated means, specifically through the Siesta Extranet service (which is a reservation system) operated by Siesta Solution s.r.o., Company ID No. (IČO): 05203503 and manually by our employees, or by persons entrusted with the administration of the reception. All of these people can process the personal data under the conditions and in the scope specified above and are bound by the obligation to maintain confidentiality with regard to the personal data and on the security measures that, if published, would threaten the security of the personal data.

Personal data gathered through contact form are being used within the scope of e-mail database FKH s.r.o. only.

We always, however, process the personal data in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and we ensure its due care and protection. We make sure that nobody suffers damage to their rights, especially human dignity rights. We also protect you against unauthorised infringements on your privacy and personal life.

Further, our website uses third party cookies of Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on the respective website. These are third party cookies and FKH s.r.o. does not access or record any of the acquired data. Google Analytics web traffic results are only being monitored by us while we do not process the recorded data in any way. More information on the topic can be found in the section on ´Cookies and their Use´. 


We will process the personal data specified in this article of the Contract for the following periods:

  1. Personal data processed for the purpose of accommodation will be processed for the entire duration of the accommodation and then for a further period of six months from the end of the accommodation for the purpose of any eventual complaints. The Operator will keep the name, surname and address of residency for a period of 3 years from the end of the accommodation for the purpose of record of eventual claims in litigation.
  2. Personal data processed for the purpose of records of foreign nationals will be processed in accordance with the Act on Foreign Nationals for a period of six years from the last entry made in the logbook, or for a period of 6 years from the end of the accommodations for the person receiving the accommodation.
  3. Personal data processed according to the Act on Local Fees will be processed for a period of six years from the last entry made in the record log.
  4. The processing period for accounting documents is five years from the end of the accounting period or, in the case of documents relevant for the payment of VAT, ten years from the end of the taxation period in which the fulfilment took place.
  5. We retain your identification data and email address for the purpose of sending commercial messages regarding our services until you ask to have it cancelled,
  6. We retain the video recording on our server for a period of 14 days.
  7. Personal data gathered through contact form are being processed within the scope of e-mail database FKH s.r.o. only and after each particular case is resolved, the communication is discarded regular.


First of all you have the right to ask us for access to your personal data, including have a copy of all your personal data made. You can do this at the web page [] by filling in the relevant form.

You will always inform you of:

  1. the purpose of processing the personal data,
  2. the personal data, or categories of personal data, that are the subject of the processing, including all available information about their sources,
  3. the nature of the automated processing, including profiling and information concerning the used approach, as well as the meaning and expected consequences of such processing for the data subject,
  4. the recipients, or categories of recipients,
  5. the planned period for which the personal data will be stored or, if it is not possible to determine, the criteria used for determining this period,
  6. all of the available information on the sources of the personal data, if they are not obtained from you.

Your other rights include

  1. asking us for an explanation,
  2. asking for us to remove a situation that has arisen, especially blocking, making changes, adding, limiting the processing or liquidating the personal data (the right to be forgotten),
  3. asking for personal data that concerns you in a structured, commonly-used and machine-readable format, and to hand over this data to another processor, without our obstructing this in any manner,
  4. to submit a query or complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection,
  5. to raise an objection against the processing of the personal data that concerns you.


Your data is absolutely safe with us. This is because of the following security measures:

Antivirus protection, firewalls, encryption, authorisation data, etc.


In order to communicate with customers, profiles on social networks Facebook ( and Instagram ( operated by Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2 Ireland, are being used. These profiles are mainly used to get so-called fans or followers who are able to track the Operator’s activities and news. The operator uses such affiliated users to communicate and analyze their business activities in order to increase their efficiency, especially for the promotion of their equipment. The terms of data processing are governed by the separate conditions of the operators of the given social networks. Data available from social networks are used to the extent available within that social network while the particular person is associated with that profile.


Cookies are small data files that are used to remember stateful information and settings by individual users so that these do not have to be entered repeatedly. Cookies are stored on individual user´s computer by user´s web browser. Cookies do not represent any threat, they are not an instrument of sensitive personal data gathering by any chance, however, they represent an aspect of protecting privacy. 

On our websites, Cookies are not used with an exception of Google Analytics website traffic analysis. The third party cookies serve exclusively for the purposes of the analysis of the particular website traffic or use of a particular service. The cookies are driven by the third party and FKH s.r.o. does not have access to monitoring or recording of gathered data.

Website users may reject the use of cookies. If your browser allows for the use of cookies, it is assumed that the user agreed to the use of standard cookies of Google Analytics. 

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    • showers
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    • printer
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